Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I replace or restore my roof?

    This is a common question and fundamentally depends on two factors: How bad the existing roof is and your budget. The only way to know how bad the roof really is is to get a un-biased professional opinion. Some companies only do roof replacements so they will only try and sell you a new roof. Some only do restorations and will tell you you can get 15 Years more out of your roof when atually it really is best to replace it now.

    Another important thing to take into consideration is how much value you will add to your home. TLH Roofing Pty Ltd restoration and roof replacements are very aesthetic and look great for years to come – guaranteed. Approximately one third of what you can see of your home from the street is roof, so installing a new Colorbond roof or doing the next best thing and completely restoring it can make a big difference and add a lot of value to your home.

  • How much does a roof replacement cost?

    The cost to replace your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range a factors such as access, how steep the roof is, whether guttering and insulation is to be done at the same time to name a few. Basically, every roof is different so an experienced estimator will come out, at a time that suits you, and provide a free quote that will tell you exactly how much it will cost to replace your roof.

  • How much does it cost to restore my roof?

    Again, the cost to restore your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range a factors such as access, how steep the roof is, what condition it is in, and any repairs that need to be done first. As licenced metal roofers we are able to advise and complete any repairs that are needed to Australian standards. Some roof restoration companies are actually just painting companies who do roof painting and call it roof restoration. We do what is needed to restore your roof and the paint we use is Aztec Energy Star Heat Reflective Paint specifically developed for roofing applications.

  • How does heat reflective paint work?

    Heat Reflective Paint works by reflecting the suns energy before it can hit the roofing material – kind of like a reflective shade for you roof. This means that your roof is cooler, meaing your roof space (if any) is cooler which in turn keeps your house cooler! And it is surprisingly effective in doing so. There is a lot of technical information and test results avaialble from Aztec paints if you would like more information.

  • If I use everyday white paint, won’t that cool my roof down?

    Yes it will to some degree but only for a while – standard paint breaks down much faster and loses most of its solar reflective capacity. You can notice a white powdery substance wipe from the surface as the standard roof paint breaks down.


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