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They can be very simple, extremely difficult or anywhere in between.

Roof Repairs Specialists

Roof Repairs Can Be Very Successful & Sometimes a Complete Waste of Time & Money if Repaired by an Inexperienced Roofing Company. You would think that repairs would generally be easier than installing a new roof – well sometimes they are – but often they can be very tricky indeed. Most are temporary in nature but they can be done properly.

The first step in fixing a leak is to find out exactly what is causing the leak. Finding this can sometimes take longer than doing the actual repair! Basically, if the roofing contractor is not totally sure he found the cause – he probably didn’t and any work that was done was done in vain. We have developed an exact process for finding and fixing leaks which is being turned into a manual for homeowners and contractors.

Finding the exact cause of the leak cannot be understated in importance. But doing the repairs properly is also very important. Non-standard repairs such as waterproofing materials or loads of sealant on metal roofs is a bad idea and can often end up making the problem worse or create a new problem. Sealants have their place, but the average roof repair man or handyman will tend to go overboard so it is important to get someone who knows what they are doing.

If you are wondering whether you should replace your roof, repair your roof or restore your roof you should call TLH Roofing Pty Ltd Services. As we specialise in all these services we can give you an honest opinion as to what your best course of action will be – and the consultation is free. So call now. If you can’t get through – leave a message and someone will call you back.

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Services We Provide


Roof Bedding and pointing

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Roof Cleaning

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Roof Painting or Coating

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Roof Restoration

Whilst a roof restoration is the cheaper option, we have found, from experience that it may cause more trouble than it is worth..



Most people usually don’t think about re-roofing until a leak develops and that’s usually when it is raining – the busiest time for a..


Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is something which often gets forgotten about. Many times we hear of an insurance company approving a claim to repair..


Roof Pressure Cleaning

Roofs are very versatile elements of a home because they can be wrought into different designs and can be made up...


Gutter Replacement

The roofing and guttering on a building - be it an apartment block, house, hospital or office unit is an extremely...


Karben Gutter Guard

The Mesh Shield is attached to the front lip of the gutter and then to the top of your tile or metal roof, leaving...


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